My VMS History

Work and hobby:

I have worked with OpenVMS for many years.

Period Work
1986-1991 Student user
(VAX 8650 and VAX 6420)
1987-1990 VAX Fortran and Macro-32 development - runtime library for language
1987-1988 Teaching VAX Fortran
1989-1990 Teaching VAX Pascal
1988-1990 System manager VMS VAX cluster
(MicroVAX II and MicroVAX 3x00)
1992-1996 System manager VMS Alpha cluster incl. PathWorks file&print-server, PMDF mail-server and OSU web-server
(DEC Alpha 3x00's)
1994-1996 VMS Pascal development - data conversion
1997-1998 System manager VMS Alpha incl. ERP system
(DEC Alpha 3x00)
1998-2005 VMS C development - high performance OLTP systems
(AlphaServer 2100 and DS25)
2003-now Hobbyist user
(DEC Alpha 3x00, PWS 433AU, AlphaServer 1000, Alpha emulator, Integrity rx2800)


I have been regular participating in comp.os.vms/INFO-VAX since 1990.

Besides these pages I have also created some software over the years. See here.


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